Kitchen Confections - Create Irresistible Dark Chocolate Treats at Home
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013, 23:03

Flourless DOVE Dark Chocolate Lover's Cake
DOVE Chocolate Bark

(Family Features) There are few things more enjoyable than biting into a rich and delicious chocolate dessert. By using a more robust flavor like that of dark chocolate, show-stopping desserts can be crafted right from your own kitchen - and it is easier than you think.

If you're looking to bring a divine sweet for your next gathering, or you just want to take a moment to treat yourself after a long day, use rich and decadent dark chocolate. Known for its bold, upfront flavor with sweet undertones, dark chocolate is always a welcome addition to any dessert spread. And choosing a variety like DOVE® Dark Chocolate will ensure a smooth and silky finish with each

Dairy Delivers Protein for Active Lifestyles
Sun, Mar 10th 2013, 23:11

Peanut Butter and Banana Breakfast Shake

(Family Features) Many people are taking advantage of warmer temperatures and increased hours of sunlight to get fit and ready for the summer. As they dive into new exercise regimens, hit the practice fields or take to hiking trails, they will be looking for ways to fuel their efforts.  Enter dairy, a protein powerhouse that provides numerous benefits to active individuals. Dairy protein can help build and repair muscle, strengthen the immune system, regulate metabolism and keep you satisfied longer. Also, dairy foods are a tasty, convenient and cost-effective way to power up with protein throughout the day.

Easy Protein Add-ons
According to the Institute of Medicine, 10 to 35 percent

Spooky Halloween Drink Ideas Everyone Will Love
Sat, Oct 20th 2012, 20:44

Monster Mash Mudslide
Spooky Smoothie

(Family Features) Whether you're planning the ultimate Halloween bash or just want something fun to enjoy with the family, try these frightfully delicious drinks.

The Spooky Smoothie is a flavorful combination of vanilla milk and Greek yogurt, which is blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. The fun is all in the orange-tinted Limited Edition TruMoo Lowfat Vanilla Milk, so make sure to serve it in a clear glass. And ghosts will rise from the dead for the chocolaty Monster Mash Mudslide. For more information, visit

Both of these tasty concoctions feature TruMoo, which is

Brighten Up Bake Sales
Thu, Oct 4th 2012, 11:43

Brighten Up Bake Sales

Coconut Lime Mini Breads
Zucchini & Apple Bread
Kaleidoscope Cookie Pops
Bake Sale-Ready Cupcakes
School Star Cereal Treat Pops
Candy Bark

(Family Features) A bake sale is a sweet way to support any charitable cause, whether it's raising money for new uniforms or donating to a local animal shelter. These tips and recipes from the celebration experts at Wilton will make bake sale treats that stand out among the rest - it's a piece of cake.

  • Baking delicious goodies is just the start to a successful bake sale. Add some dazzling details. The eye-catching finishes on Bake-Sale Ready

Sundae Funday
Thu, Jul 21st 2011, 12:59

Sundae Funday

S'Mores Dippers
Strawberry-Kiwi Passion Sundaes
Sand Bucket Sundaes
Triple Chocolate Cake Sundae
Campfire Sundaes

(Family Features) Every week needs more Sundaes. Celebrate a great meal, a special occasion, a terrific day or just up the "cool factor" of any gathering by scooping up one of America's favorite treats.

Makeover this all-American dessert with easy to create recipes that promise to add a "cherry on top" to the experience. Get inspired and dip into these creative combinations. For more summer sundae ideas, visit www.BlueBu

Jazz Up Your Summer with Ice Cream Celebrations
Thu, Jul 21st 2011, 12:57

Jazz Up Your Summer Ice Cream Celebrations

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowls

(Family Features) Whether it's a birthday, graduation, reunion or impromptu get-together, dressing up sweet scoops of ice cream makes a party easy, fun and creative. 

From edible ice cream cups to cones dipped in colorful sprinkles, the entertaining experts at Wilton have big ideas to get you started. One way to wow guests is by making your own, edible, individual ice cream cookie bowls and candy cups to hold those scrumptious scoops.

Favorite cookie flavors become cookie bowls with the new Ice Cream Cookie Bowl Pan. Cookie bowls bake on the outside of the pan using recipes - like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl - specially created for this b

Cake Ball Pops
Wed, May 4th 2011, 11:41


Basic Cake Ball Pops
Triple Dippers
The Stars Are Aligned
Try Trifocals!

(Family Features) - Sweets on a stick are the perfect treat. There's a pop for all seasons, all reasons. For parties, desserts, everyday and special occasions, pops are tops!

They can be as simple as classic cake ball pops - crumbled cake mixed with icing, then shaped into balls and dipped into melted candy. Or, create hundreds of other pop shapes and flavors from cake, brownies, cookies and crispy cereal treats.

These recipes are only the beginning. "Pops! Sweets on a StickTM," a new book from Wilton, features 112 pages packed with pops. Visit Read More...

Food for Women's Health
Mon, Feb 14th 2011, 21:57

Food Recommendations for Women's Health

(Family Features) - Many women make food choices based on their desire to lose weight. While eating the right foods to maintain a healthy weight is a good thing, women also need to eat the right foods to promote their overall health. Heart disease and breast cancer affect millions of women each year - knowing what to eat to keep your body healthy is extremely important. Whole soy, which provides a number of important nutrients, including protein, fiber, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and calcium, can have beneficial health affects for those who consume two servings a day.

In September of 2009, leading soy science experts reviewed the current body of evidence and worked to clarify the benefits and risks of whole s

The Fun of Cake Decorating
Mon, Feb 7th 2011, 11:35

The Fun of Cake Decorating

Today's hottest hobby

(Family Features) - Hobbies offer a sense of accomplishment as well as many forms of expression. There's one hobby that has recently exploded as perhaps the sweetest option of all - cake decorating.

According to the Craft & Hobby Association Attitude & Usage Study, sales of cake decorating supplies grew 103 percent in 2009, the largest craft segment increase in the industry. In the list of the Top Ten Crafts by U.S. household participation, cake decorating comes in third (14 percent), preceded by scrapbooking/memory crafts (17 percent) and crocheting (16 percent).

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at making fun or beautiful cake creations, a cake decorating course fro

Our New Recipe Cookbook
Mon, Jan 31st 2011, 21:47

We are in the middle of migrating all our old recipes into our new recipe database.

In the meantime - please feel free to register and submit your favorite recipes!

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