Boiling the Perfect Egg

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Preparation Time:  18 minutes
Cooking Time:  2 minutes
Course: breakfast
Cusine: north american


Eggs - 12 week old


Ice bath


You would think boiling an egg would be fairly easy considering you only need two ingredients...eggs...and water (and ice, but does that actually count as another ingredient since it is actually water???).

So anyway, for years I would always just guess on boiling eggs, or I would google it every time I wanted to hard boil a batch.  Goodness knows why it took me this long to buckle down, experiment and find out what works once and for all.

Here are the basics...

1. USE OLD EGGS...not like months old, but about a week sitting in the fridge will make peeling SUPER easy.

2.  USE ROOM TEMP EGGS...just put them on the counter while you're doing something else..otherwise they will crack while boiling and the whites will spill out and ick...

3.  THE EGG COMES FIRST...then the water

4.  3-12 -3   BOIL/REST/ICE

So after you have your week old eggs, put them in the bottom of a saucepan and just cover with water.  Put the whole shebang on the stove - high heat.  YOU HAVE TO WATCH BOILING EGGS!  You have to start timing from when the rolling boil actually starts.  Watch them boil for 3 minutes (or set a timer), then turn the heat off.  Leave the pan where it is, still hot, but not boiling for 12 additional minutes.  Plunge the eggs into an ice bath for 3 minutes.  Peel.

I've tried lots and lots of recipes that don't boil the eggs, but they are never done enough for me, so I have to do this bit more time sensitive method.  If this sounds like an annoying amount of work to you, it is.  ...but it is better than buying the $3 pack of hard boiled eggs in the deli section.  ...and who wants cobb salad without hard boiled eggs?  ....and who can have burgers and corn on the cob without deviled eggs?

5.  One last tip...

USE A SPOON or some utensil to gently pull your eggs out of the boiling water and into the ice bath.  
Be gentle with those babies....

When it comes to peeling, I only have two tips.

#1  USE OLD EGGS!!!  I can't stress this enough...older eggs make the process SO  much easier!

#2 Eggs have a hollow spot at the bottom, so crack them gently on the bottom and then the whole shell will peel right off in a couple pulls.






Slice open your eggs and...
PERFECT.  No green ring.  No flimsy whites.  No still soft middle.  Exactly like I like them.

I love cutting them with a serrated knife to get those little ridges...such a child... :)

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