Turnip and Rutabega Chips

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Preparation Time:  5 minutes
Cooking Time:  30 minutes
Course: side dishes
Cusine: north american


2 Turnips - sliced paper thin

1 Rutabega - sliced paper thin

handful of frozen cranberries

4-6 pats of butter


Turnip Chips

I know, I know...turnips aren't typically a person's first choice of snack, but I'm asking you to give them a chance.  you might hate them - that's ok.  I'm not going to say I love them.  ...but I don't mind them nearly as much as I thought I would and they are good for you!

The key for me is to jazz them up somehow.  I really dig them in a salad with dried cranberries and green olives and some (not as good for you) ranch dressing.  I kind of hate them mashed with potatoes.  I figure if you are going to eat turnips, you should just eat them.  I don't like messing with a culinary masterpiece like mashed potatoes.

My latest attempt at getting the family to enjoy turnips is to turn them into chips.  You can fry them, but I figure that defeats the purpose of eating a healthy veggie, right?  So this time around I baked them.  ...and because I want you to keep reading, I'm going to show you the finished product first.  Aren't they pretty?

I think they kind of look like rose petals thanks to the little bit of red from the cranberries.


Moving on, the first thing you do is figure out what a turnip is.  That large round ugly looking thing in front is a wax turnip or rutabaga and the white veggies in back are your garden variety turnip.  You might be tempted to go for the biggest ones you can find, but the smaller ones are actually more flavorful.  However, they take more time to peel, so I usually take a compromise and go for some medium sized like these.

I peeled the rutabaga and turnips the same way.  
Chop off the bottom, chop off the top and then peel the skin off the sides. 
(Would a video on this be helpful to anyone?? )

Then I used my new wonderful vintage chopper grinder thingy to slice the chips.  
If you have a mandolin, now would be the time to use it.  You want the slices almost paper thin.


I layered the chips with some cranberries, a couple pats of butter and a tiny dash of salt. 
I baked them until they started smelling yummy, gave them a stir and a flip and took them out when the edges started getting crispy
...about 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven give or take.

Try them.  If anything, you'll lose a few bucks and a few minutes trying out something new.  :)

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